Survival course 

Learn essential forest survival techniques at our camp! We’ll equip you with the skills to survive in the forest and how to administer emergency first-aid to yourself and others.

Survival course Experience

A day in the tropical forest.

If there’s one place to experience living in a tropical forest, its Laos. 

On this survival course, you’ll learn how to; start a fire, navigate using a map, tie knots, pack a backpack, set up a shelter with tarpaulin and a hammock, filter and purify water and identify edible and medicinal plants. 

You will then use your new found survival and foraging skills to source edible plants to prepare a wild style lunch in the forest. 

Adult: 55€ Children: 35€

Course guide:

  • Start 8 a.m. return 5 p.m.
  • Transport to and from the forest 
  • Survival techniques from an expert guide
  • Meals in the forest


  • Round-trip transport from your hotel
  • Lunch
  • Loan of educational materials
  • Taxes and entrance fees

Not included:

  • Additional drinks
  • Extra food
  • Souvenirs
  • Gratuity

Support for the Khmu Villages

Every Excursion = A Contribution. 

On a monthly basis, we engage with the chief of the village to assess the needs of the village, with a particular focus on supporting the children of Laos by supplying clothing and essential school items such as notebooks and pens along with other educational material. We strive to make a meaningful and sustainable impact in enhancing the learning environment for under privileged families. 

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