Spend 2 days, 1 night in the forest learning essential survival skills in a camp environment. 


An opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and experience that will last a lifetime.

2 Days 200€x Pers


2 Days

Spend 2 days, 1 night living in the forest learning essential survival skills. 

This hands-on experience will not only teach you traditional techniques of the Lao people but also equip you with skills that can be used worldwide. 

Excursion Overview:

  • Departure 8 a.m. return 5 p.m.
  • Forest excursions
  • 2 days 1 night


  •  Transfer to and from your hotel
  • All meals and ingredients and drinks (water, tea, coffee)
  • Tax and entrance fees
  • Hammock and Mosquito net
  • English/French/Lao speaking Guide
  • Materials for traditional crafts and essential living items

Sleeping bag/duvet/headlamp available free of charge

Not included:

  • Additional drinks
  • Gratuity
  • Souvenirs


Day 1:

Your 3-day excursion will depart at 8 a.m. from your hotel in Luang Prabang with our guide from the ‘Khmu’ ethnic group, heading to a forest in the mountains.

During the 45-minute drive to the forest, we'll make several stops to help you understand the various edible plants and fruit trees, which will be used to prepare your lunch in your first experience, a cooking class where you will also learn how to make rice the traditional way in a bamboo basket. 

Upon arrival at the site, you will venture deeper into the forest, sourcing materials to build your camp, cooking station and shelter. 

You’ll make cooking utensils and other essential items using materials gathered from your surroundings, such as bamboo and liana enabling you to live self-sufficiently, in the forest.

Day 2:

After a breakfast of forest food, you will learn about indigenous life and forest survival techniques. Such as:

  • How to make a fire in the wild 
  • How you get drinking water in the forest - filtering and purifying
  • How to recognise animal tracks
  • How to tie a knot

This day will be packed with hands-on learning experiences.

After lunch, our excursion will take you to a rice farm, a neighbouring village, and a cave where the indigenous people once lived. You will learn their techniques for living in the forest, and then it will be time to put your newly acquired knowledge and skills to use by preparing the evening meal.

In the morning, everyone will participate in breakfast preparation, either by gathering leaves or flowers that they have learned about, or simply by preparing a coffee.

The second part of learning forest life and survival techniques will then resume. You will learn: 

  • How to weave with leaves
  • How to make various utensils with bamboo
  • How to build and set traps
  • Map orientation

This day will further enhance your skills for living in the wild.

You will now be self-sufficient in collecting ingredients and preparing the meal for lunch (always under the supervision of Peng).

The programme will conclude with a session on first aid administration and evacuation procedures, ensuring that you leave equipped with the knowledge and skills to administer first aid to yourself or another injured person in the wilderness.

Return to your hotel around 4pm

Support for the Khmu Villages

Every Excursion = A Contribution. 

On a monthly basis, we engage with the chief of the village to assess the needs of the village, with a particular focus on supporting the children of Laos by supplying clothing and essential school items such as notebooks and pens along with other educational material. We strive to make a meaningful and sustainable impact in enhancing the learning environment for under privileged families. 

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