SURVIVOR Ethnic Tours

A lifechanging experience you can only have in Laos. 3 days fully immersed in the natural beauty and rich cultural traditions of the Khmu ethnic group.

3 days: 320€ x People 

SURVIVOR Ethnic Mountains Tours  

3 Day Tour

A transformative 3-day adventure, where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Laos while learning how to live in the Khmu forest, acquiring essential survival skills, and discovering the way of the Khmu people. 

This experience is designed to facilitate learning and create unforgettable memories. Living alongside a Khmu family, you will prepare Lao meals and learn the importance of communal dining in Lao culture. 

Our guide will share his knowledge of living in the forest and will provide assistance and translation as you try your hand at traditional crafts, such as bamboo weaving, from the preparation of the bamboo to the final perfectly weaved product.   

Excursion Overview:

  • Departure 8 a.m. Return 5 p.m.
  • Forest Excursions
  • 3 days, 2 nights (one night with a local family, 1 night in the forest) 


  • Transfer to and from your hotel
  • All meals and ingredients and drinks (water, tea, coffee)
  • Tax and entrance fees
  • Hammock
  • English speaking Khmu guide
  • Materials for traditional crafts
  • Support to host family
  • Contribution to local village

Sleeping bag/duvet/headlamp available free of charge

Not included:

  • Additional drinks
  • Gratuity
  • Souvenirs


Day 1 Village:

The ‘Survivor Ethnic Mountain Tour’ is a 3-day expedition starting at 8 a.m. from your hotel in Luang Prabang. You will be accompanied by our English-speaking guide from the ‘Khmu’ ethnic group to a village nestled in the mountains, arriving at the access road to the village approximately 1 hour later.  

Along the final journey to the village, we will make several stops to teach you about various edible or medicinal plants, as well as fruit trees. An hour later, we will reach the village, where introductions will be made with the village chief and your host family, here you will taste your first Khmu dish. In the village, you will practice bamboo weaving to create various baskets or bamboo mats.

Remember every experience = a contribution! 

Booking a tour with us allows for a contribution to support the under privileged families and children in need of educational material and clothing. You will meet the school principal and make your offering which will be gratefully received. 

For your evening meal, you will gather ingredients required and partake in a special ‘Khmu’ cooking class, unique to Luang-Prabang. 

After a fulfilling day of discovery, it will be time to retire to the space prepared for you by your host family.

Day 2 Forest:

Following a breakfast featuring local products, you will visit the village surroundings to see the cultivation of rice, along with pineapple and banana plantations. As we continue a little further, you will see river buffalo that are widely used in Asia for agricultural work in rice fields, we may also come across goats and pigs.

Our excursion will lead us to the discovery of two waterfalls, untouched by mass tourism. Here you can enjoy your last civilised meal, prepared for you by your guide before venturing into the forest. Throughout this journey, your guide, Peng will impart knowledge about various edible or medicinal plants and share insights into the customs and traditions of forest life.

Peng will help you decide where to set up your bivouac, (a temporary shelter) for your night in the forest. He will explain the process and necessary steps, including arranging the space for the campfire. You will learn the essential techniques for survival in the forest, such as tying knots, setting up a tarpaulin, assembling a hammock, and building a fire. In the forest, you will gather everything required to help make your first meal in the jungle before going off to sleep in a hammock or handmade shelter, to the natural sounds of the forest. 

Day 3 Forest:

In the morning, you’ll use your newly acquired foraging skills and as a team, gather items for breakfast with a freshly brewed coffee. The second part of your forest education will commence, encompassing essential survival techniques:

  • How to make a fire in the wild 
  • How you get drinking water in the forest - filtering and purifying
  • How build and set traps for food
  • How to administer first aid

For lunch, you will collect and independently prepare your meal, with Peng your guide on hand to advise as needed.

Now it’s time to dismantle the camp, ensuring that the space retains its natural integrity after your presence. A final check of the camp to ensure no belongings have been left behind and perhaps offering the village, one of your crafted items as a token of appreciation for the enriching experiences shared you will bid farewell and embark on your journey back to civilisation, carrying with you, memories and newfound skills from your immersive adventure in the mountains of Laos.

Support for the Khmu Villages

Every Excursion = A Contribution. 

On a monthly basis, we engage with the chief of the village to assess the needs of the village, with a particular focus on supporting the children of Laos by supplying clothing and essential school items such as notebooks and pens along with other educational material. We strive to make a meaningful and sustainable impact in enhancing the learning environment for under privileged families. 

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