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If Indochina had a heart, it would be Laos. Formerly known as ‘the land of a million elephants’, it is the smallest country on the Indochinese peninsula in terms of surface area.
Laos is blessed with stunning landscapes and has the most ethnically diverse population in Southeast Asia where nearly one third are classified as ethnic minorities.

Are you looking for a unique and different experience? Our essence is adventure and nature! We offer truly unique off the beaten track experiences to discover the hidden gems of Laos, exploring its legendary lands, learning its cultural traditions, and discovering its ethnic sanctuaries.

From 200€

Tours Experience

Embark on one of our adventures for the experience of a lifetime. 

On this tour, you will meet and live alongside the traditional people of Laos and learn how to live and stay healthy in the jungle. 

Spend your chosen tour duration in a traditional village with the largest ethnic group in Laos, Khmu. Our Khmu guide will lead you into the forest to uncover the secrets of life in the wilderness.

Return transfer to/from your hotel included

From 55€

Unique Experience

Choose Your Adventure!

8 fantastic adventures and experiences to choose from

From 2 hours to several days

Team-Building Experience

With 15 years of experience in arranging motivational workshops, MICE and creative team
building events, we offer three outdoor team events for your business:
      • SURVIVOR Team Building
      • ETHNIC Team Building
      • Cultural Treasure Hunt
We are also able to create a bespoke event, based on your company objectives, participants,
activities and themes.
Send us an email to start planning your event.

Tailor - 
Made Adventures

Looking for a bespoke adventure experience? Look no further than our tailor-made adventure
planning service! Our team of experts can create a personal itinerary according to your specific requirements. 

With our network of trusted services providers, we are able to offer out of the ordinary unique adventures.

Talk to our team to start planning your personal experience.

Support for the Khmu Villages

Every Excursion = A Contribution. 

On a monthly basis, we engage with the chief of the village to assess the needs of the village, with a particular focus on supporting the children of Laos by supplying clothing and essential school items such as notebooks and pens along with other educational material. We strive to make a meaningful and sustainable impact in enhancing the learning environment for under privileged families. 

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